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Order Of Merit

Kerry Bayly Order Of Merit Event

The Order of Merit (OOM) competition proved a popular initiative in when introduced in 2019 by then President Kerry Bayly.  During 2022, the committee chose to re-badge this event and it is now named the Kerry Bayly Order of Merit.

The OOM is conducted across the monthly events, commencing with our January event and concluding with the November event. OOM Prizes will be distributed at our final event of the year in December.

Each month points will be awarded to all participants; firstly on a sliding scale down to 30th position with 200 points going to the best score on the day and then points allocated, on a sliding scale, down to 11 points for 30th position.  The Australian Count-Back system is used to determine placings down to 30th position, all remaining participants receive 10 points.

  • From 2021 onwards, there will be no additional points for grade winners.
  • From 2021 the OOM scoring will be automatically generated and the overall scoring will be available in One Golf shortly after each round. 
  • The minimum points that any player in the top 30 will receive is 11.
  • Members must play at least 6 monthly events to be eligible for the annual prizes with their top 8 points only being counted towards the final OOM results.
  • Points will only be allocated to financial members of the Hume Veterans Golf Club.

Positions on the OOM table will also be used to select players to represent Hume Vets in the annual VVGA Teams Event in September.

To view the overall final standings Go to One Golf and select Order of Merit or click on the link below to take you to the One Golf login screen. 

Final Results

Overall Mario SIlvio 974 Colin Braithwaite 639 Bernie Handke 558 Alan Kinnaird 528
55 to 65 Yrs Peter Turner 662 Colin Braithwaite 639 Darryl Bessell 511 Ray Pentony 517
66 to 70 Yrs Brian Smith 566 Kerry White 410 Frank Cuthbertson 448 Pamela Murphy 478
71 to 75 Yrs Kerry Bayly 517 Tony Barr 623 Bernie Handke 558 Alan Kinnaird 528
76 Plus Yrs Mario SIlvio 974 Guy Orrico 456 Frank Tadic 416 Ted Haydon 455

* Due to COVID-19 there were insufficient games played to enable completion of the 2020 Order of Merit.

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