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Club History & Honour Roll

Hume Veterans Golf Club History

In 1995 a group of golfers, who were keen to play veterans golf, met at the Goonawarra Golf Club to discuss this possibility.

On the 15th October 1995, an application of registration was lodged with Corporate Affairs for the establishment of a club to be known as the Hume Veterans Golf Club.

After this, an application was made to the Victorian Veterans Golf Association (VVGA) for affiliation with that governing body.

Following the success of these administrative steps, a foundation committee was formed, and set about both, promoting the organisation, and recruiting golfers 55 years and over from golf clubs in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

The group agreed that they would play monthly, on the first Monday of each month, at different golf courses across the western and northern suburbs. 

In the early days the group played at courses such as Goonawarra, Elcho Park (Lara), Kyneton, Kilmore, Lancefield etc., with an average of 30 to 40 starters.  In veteran’s golf tradition the group would play golf and then come together for light refreshments and trophy presentations after play.
Membership of the Hume Veterans Golf Club became quite sought after and, from about the year 2000, with an influx of members, a decision was taken to restrict membership numbers to 120 paying members plus any members exempt from the annual membership fee.  Such members being, any member who has reached the age of 80 and who had been a member of the group for the past 5 years and any member who had been afforded life membership of the organisation.   

Due to sound management, over the years, the club has become one of the more successful and respected clubs within the VVGA.  In recent years the membership ceiling has been increased to 150, to cater for continuing demand. 

Regular attendance at monthly games for golf, and a hot lunch, regularly averaging between 80 to 100 players.

Our Honour Roll


Ted Jarrett 1995 - 1998
Wreford Blake 1999 - 2009
Graeme Cooper 2010
Michael Leahy 2011 - 2012
Paul Reid 2013 - 2016
Kerry Bayly 2017 - 2019
Alan Kinnaird 2020 - 2022
Shane Turner 2023
Alan Kinnaird 2024 - Current


Dave Perkins 1995 - 1996
Geoff Hudson 1997 - 2003
Reg Chiller 2004 - 2009
John Trubiano 2010 - 2011
Terry How 2012 - 2020
Arnold Messias 2021 - 2023
Peter Turner 2024 - Current


Wreford Blake 1995 - 1996
Jack Lingham 1996 - 1997
Howard McDermott 1997
John Feehan 1998 - 2017
Shane Turner 2018 - 2020
Peter Caple 2021 - Current


Ken Old 1995 - 1996
John Beaton 1997 - 2010
John Peart 2011 - 2013
Kerry Bayly 2014 - 2016
Tony Barr 2017 - 2019
Gus Steegstra 2020 - 2023
Bill Mandouit 2024 - Current

Life Members

Wreford Blake
John Feehan
Keith Owen
John Peart
Norm Strong
Terry How
Mario Caruso
Kerry Bayly
Arnold Messias

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